I need to transfer a file! Quickly! But no extra apps!

So okay, you need to transfer files quickly and you don't want to download any app to transfer, what do you do?

You have plenty of options. It really depends on your device/s and your current situation.

It's between Apple devices and nothing else.

Airdrop, obviously.

I have a couple of Androids and it's a tiny file transfer.

Just bump the two phones together with Android Beam. It's a slow transfer though, hence the tiny disclaimer.

It's between an Android and a PC/Mac. Oh and we're on the same unrestricted network

Say hello to the awesomeness of Sharedrop. https://www.sharedrop.io/

It's like Airdrop but without the stupid fruit bias. It might dislike foxes though, so consider using Chrome or Safari on this one.

Well, it's a restricted network but at least both devices have a fast connection. Oh and I somehow don't want to use cloud storage services — it's just for a few files and just now.

Firefox Send! https://send.firefox.com/

It's great, is encrypted and you can set limited downloads and protect it with a password. Oh and it works everywhere and not just Firefox since it's all done by links, so don't be mislead by that.

I'm a developer and somehow the items above aren't satisfying enough and it's between PCs/Macs and Androids

This is somewhat cheating since it assumes you already have python but it somewhat makes sense since most OSes come with python anyway

# Python 2
python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8080

# Python 3
python3 -m http.server 8080

How about a JS equivalent?

Well, we're breaking the rules since we're going to install something but whatever.

npm i -g http-server

I want the dev option but I want it accessible outside of the local network.

...really? Well, it is possible. Just open two sessions or a tmux split and...

python3 -m http.server 8080
ssh -R 80:localhost:8080 ssh.localhost.run

Yep, that opens up a temporary HTTP server and exposes said server through the localhost.run service via SSH. If you've used ngrok before, it's pretty much like that.


Just make sure to close your connections once you're done.