In Memory of Fr Joel


I'm deeply saddened and shocked to hear that Fr. Joel had passed away.

He's essentially one of the founding fathers of our local community and its church, literally! That wonderful church wouldn't be here today, and its parishioners would've led different lives without his influence.

To me, he's deeply contributed to my own personal growth and faith thanks to countless fond memories and camaraderie with him and the community. If anything, he's one of the strongest role models of faith that I have had. And I'm sure I'm not alone thinking that.

He started off as strict and cold, but as time went on, we learned that deep down he deeply cared for everyone and knew the best for people to be strong in faith and live better lives, and actually following through the virtues that people should practice in life.

I'll miss the fun and good times, sitting down together making all sorts of tarpaulins and listening to his homilies in mass and his plans that have made our church wonderful today; yet at the same time, I'm glad he's done so much to his mission; he's no longer suffering in pain, and he's with our God in heaven.

As for everyone, please keep him close to your hearts, both in memories and what he's taught to all of us. Death is merely physical, but those values and virtues all transcend that.

Thanks Fr. Joel Francis Victorino.