A Little Retrospective

I don't know why, I can't help but do a retrospective of my work so far whenever I'm involved in something momentous.

But to me, the retrospective isn't just the technical or the business stuff that I'm involved in. I'm reminded most of the PEOPLE.

I'm always reminded of the people I've worked with and especially those I've helped, trained and perhaps inspired—and vise-versa. Some of them have come and gone to find better opportunities, and some are still at the company I'm in (and that's all great).

I'm glad for all the people that have become better people at work and constantly strive to be better than who they were — or even have outclassed myself. That's fantastic!

I'm proud for you all, please keep up the good work and keep doing great things to help people out. If I've ever inspired you in some way, I hope you can pass it forward.

As for myself, I hope to help out more people than before and lead them to better lives and their careers. I also hope to keep at the traits that have made me who I am right now, and make it all better.